Upper Room Victory Academy

Quality child care is not expensive it's priceless!

Mission Statement

Upper Room Victory Academy is devoted to providing families quality child care and early educational programs; in a safe, nurturing, comfortable learning environment.  We believe that learning is not just teaching children their ABC's and 123's; learning includes teaching children values, respect, discipline, moderation, self-reliance, and how to be fair, giving and kind to others.

We transforms care taking into care teaching opportunities using each child's unique need, strength and developmental level as learning experiences and teaching tools. We are passionate about and committed to building strong and lasting bonds with  the children in our care. 

A Vision of Excellence!

Our Goals While Working With Children

  • To help them develop a sense of worth and dignity as human beings.
  • To teach them the importance of personal care, health and safety.
  • To encourage them to use socially appropriate behavior with their peers and adults.
  • To build their self confidence and to develop age appropriate independence.
  • To express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and needs through language.

What Families Can Expect

  • A trial period of 4 weeks.
  • Qualified staff trained in CPR and First Aid.
  • Spacious, professionally designed floor plan.
  • A health concious, clean, properly maintained environment.
  • A curriculum for each program with daily lesson plans.